Role of a Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Stevenson specializes in providing dental care to children. He will begin with a thorough oral examination and will assess the risk for the child in developing caries. Dr. Stevenson will design a personalized preventative program to be followed at home, inclusive of brushing, flossing and following a healthy diet. If necessary, Dr. Stevenson may recommend the application of Sealants to protect the child from tooth decay, mouthguards for children active in sports and recommend early orthodondic diagnosis.  

Preventative Children's Dental Care

Dr. Stevenson and his team strive to provide dental education regarding:

  • proper nutrition
  • brushing and flossing
  • floride treatment
  • regular dental check-ups
  • evaluating risk for developing caries
  • evaluating proper oral growth and development
  • the development of good oral habits
  • encouragement for dental sealants 

Preventative dental care for children, along with regular dental visits requires parental involvement at home with daily oral care.  Preventative dental care begins when the first tooth erupts and when the first dental visit should take place.  Establishing a dental home early in the child's life provides a better opportunity for preventing dental disease and assists the child in a cavity-free dental experience.

Age Groups

Dental health care is provided for children ages infant to fifteen years. Emergency dental issues for children are part of Dr. Stevenson's specialities in providing dental services.


Numerous healthcare programs and dental insurance companies are accepted. As well, most major dental providers, such as, CHIP and Medicaid. Financial guidance and an In-House financing program is available for patients without dental insurance benefits.

Special Needs Patients of All Ages

Dr. Stevenson and his staff are well experienced in meeting the needs of patients with special physical and mental requirements. Every effort is extended in providing dental services with comfort and in a peaceful and friendly environment.